Work when you want, and help people around you with what you are good at


Work as much or as little as you want. You can pick tasks that suit you and your skillset.

No signup fees

Helping Human is here to inspire you to help to create a harmonious world, we do not take anything from our Helping Humans, just a small referral fee once a Help has been completed.

Secured Payments

Helping Human uses a secured payment feature where the funds received from people who like to donate.

Capitalise your skillsets

Earn money and reputation doing things you love with Helping Human.

Getting Started

Create your Helping Human profile and start helping

Download the Helping Human app, sign up and browse the Help list to see who needs help around you.

Offer how you would like to help

Pick the help you like and set your price. You can adjust the price and discuss the

Complete job and get paid

When you mark a task as complete, a Request for Payment is sent directly to the job poster so they can release payment instantly.

I love Helping Human! I was able to get out of debt, tackle bills, provide for my family,and still have enough room to save for future goals.

Be on the go

  • Receive new task notifications even if you are on a job or on the road
  • Browse hundreds of tasks wherever you are- no extra charges
  • Private messaging with customers
  • Settle payments as soon as the task is complete through our secure payment platform